Policies & Practices

Reading Robyn is a blog created with the purpose of sharing my personal opinions of the books I read for pleasure. All my reviews are an honest reflection of my reading experience.

The Schedule
This blog is updated on a weekly basis. Be sure to check back every Sunday for something new!

My Rating System
I follow the Goodreads star rating system with some amendments to my own whims.

1 Star: I really didn't like it. 
I normally only pick up books I think I will actually enjoy so giving out a one star is something I take very seriously. Only the books that I find offensive, blatantly bad, flawed, or frustrating end up here.

2 Stars: It was okay.
Saying a book is just "okay" is never a ringing endorsement. However, I reserve two stars for a very specific group. Here you'll find books that were generally disappointing, books that fell flat (but not spectacularly so, more deflated like a very sad balloon) and books that definitely didn't live up to its potential. Unlike a one star these books probably do have an audience, it just isn't me.

3 Stars: I liked it. 
Yup. I liked it. It was good.

4 Stars: I really liked it.
This book has succeeded! A four star book is one has makes my heart get all a flutter. There's something special about this book that makes me want to take it home to meet my bookshelf. I would recommend a four star book to other readers with great enthusiasm!

5 Stars: I loved it. 
The more I read the harder it is for me to say I truly love something, especially when it comes to novels. The highest honor I can bestow, a five star, is a book that not only makes me feel engrossed and amazed, but also has that little something extra. It has to leave me stumbling around for words. It has to pop my bra strap! It has to give me an epiphany. It has to make me want to go door to door pimping it out to strangers in the middle of a snow storm.

What You Should Expect

I will read pretty much anything I can get my hands on. On Reading Robyn you will find Young Adult and Adult Fiction of various genres and sub-genres. This includes Classics, Contemporary, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal/Supernatural, Mystery, and Science-Fiction. I have been getting more and more into non-fiction and art books so their will be plenty of that on the blog. I also enjoy reading Young Adult and Adult Graphic Novels, Comics, Manga, and Manhwa of all genres. When reviewing a longer manga series I will normally cover 4 to 5 books per single review. I will also write "Overall Series Reviews" for any series that I have completed in full. 

When it comes to content that contains spoilers I will always clearly state that there may be spoilers at the beginning of a review. More often than not I will leave my reviews on this blog spoiler free and for a spoiler filled version will link to my review on goodreads where spoilers can be hidden and clicked upon. If you feel a particular post contains unmarked spoilers be sure to contact me and I will be sure to look into it. 

Review Policy
The books I review have been acquired through either a personal purchase or from my wonderful local library. In the case of my receiving a book by other means such as a contest, publisher, or author, that fact will be clearly stated at the beginning of the review. I treat all reviews the same regardless of a book's original source.

I am open to accepting reviewer requests, ARCs, and copies for review, however I can only accept physical copies. Look to my "Contact" page for more information.

Comment Policy
I love to chat about books and there is always something particularly gratifying about when people spend the time to comment on one of my reviews or discussion posts. Reading Robyn is a very open environment and I don't shy away from discussions or debates. I am also completely fine with swearing in comments as long as it is conversational and not used to attack others. I do however, as an administrator, reserve the right to remove any comment that does not meet my general guidelines.

Guidelines for Comment Removal:
1) Complete gibberish or anything appearing to be spam is not acceptable.
2) Shameless self promotions. If you wish to market on my blog please contact me for permission.
3) Comments must in some way, shape, or form relate to the content of the post.
4) Comments must not contain hateful language towards any specific group or person. This includes instances of racism, homophobia, etc, etc.

If you believe a comment you've made has been wrongly removed, please feel free to contact me.

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